Reiki is a technique in which the transfer of energy is used as a holistic tool for helping the body release emotional and physical imbalances. This healing modality empowers you to actively engage in your own peace, wellbeing, and healing.

How does it help?

Regular Reiki treatments can balance the flow of energy throughout the body, promote mental clarity, reduce mental and physical pain, release feelings of anxiety, depression, tension and so much more.

Reiki sessions give you space to simply be. Allowing you to feel what you feel, and think what thoughts come, until they run their course. Giving your mind and body the rest and ease it craves.

Michelle has been practicing Reiki since 2011. She is passionate about holding space for others to come refill and recharge. She follows the belief that:

When you help, you see life as weak.
When you fix, you see life as broken.
When you serve, you see life as whole.

For your session:

We will talk for a few moments to set an intention for your session. You will then get comfortable on the table to receive energy into your chakras, and the four levels of your being (the physical body, emotional body, thinking mind, and spiritual being).

For your session please wear cozy clothes. Your session should last approximately one hour.

During your session

You will lie down on a heated massage table. Light touch as well as hands off techniques will be used. Soft music is played to enhance your relaxation.

During the session it is best to remain quiet to gain the full effects of the treatment. You should be able to feel the practitioner working with you; there may be times where you do not feel the practitioner’s hands on you and that is perfectly normal.

If you are feeling chilled, too warm, or uncomfortable in any way, let your practitioner know. Communication is key to getting the most benefit out of your experience.


You can book online, or by calling the office at 905-464-8076. One day notice is required for online booking. Should you wish to book an earlier appointment please call the office.