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"It's hard these days to find someone as passionate about life and the human body as Michelle is, which is why when I heard she had started a reflexology practice I jumped in to explore this avenue of health care. The confidence I had in Michelle to be brilliant at this was demonstrated on my very first session. She was very aware of where I would be sensitive on my foot in relation to my health sensitivities and used the perfect pressure throughout treatment to ensure a relaxing yet effective therapy." – Sherri

"Being raised in a holistic household and understanding the benefits of reflexology treatments, my sister and I decided to treat our mom to an Ultimate Renewal session with Michelle. At the time of her session, our mom was experiencing a wealth of emotions as both her brother and mother had passed away within a short timespan. Michelle was supportive, friendly and professional but what my mom appreciated the most was how Michelle didn't rush her through the session. To us that shows Michelle really does want to help the people who come to her. If you are considering a treatment for yourself or for a loved one, you will no doubt be happy with the decision to go with Michelle" – Jennifer


"Like most people, I have a busy life that can be demanding both mentally and physically. Keeping balance is always a challenge, and often affects my well being. Reflexology helps to alleviate the stresses on my body that are caused by day to day life; like digestion problems, back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and fatigue. My experience with Michelle - Hands to Heel was very positive. I found the session very relaxing and beneficial. Michelle is a warm intuitive woman, who genuinely wants to help people. Her knowledge of reflexology is impressive and I think she will positively affect the lives of many in her reflexology practice." – Barbara

“Reflexology has aided significantly with my level of pain as I have two herniated discs in my lumbar spine. It targets the points in my body that are causing the most pain and also assists on a whole with bettering my health. I have found my sessions with Michelle have been helpful in dealing with my pain, but Michelle creates a calm and relaxing environment that makes the sessions enjoyable to attend. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She answers all questions and makes suggestions to help you better your health. I thoroughly enjoy my experience with Michelle and Hands to Heel and I continue to see her twice a week. I have, and will continue to recommend her services.” – Laura


"Having read about reflexology over the years, I decided to treat myself to a session. What I didn't expect in my very first session was the deep relaxation and body awareness I experienced compared to traditional massage. I now view reflexology as health maintenance." – Linda

“I have been to other places for reflexology and Hands to Heel is among the best. Michelle greeted me and led me into a zen room. The decor was tasteful and calming. Michelle is very talented. Her technique is not only relaxing but also very therapeutic and professional. She is good at find the sore spots and works hard to eliminate them. Great massage + great environment = great service = Hands to Heel” – Lyette

Michelle is a very supportive and caring person. I always feel so great when I leave after a treatment, both physically and mentally. I have never met a helping professional as compassionate and empathic as Michelle! I would highly recommend her services to anyone, especially if you are pregnant as I found reflexology helped a lot pain during this time.

"As a mother to a 1-year-old (in addition to a 4 and 6 year old), I don't have a lot of time to sit and unwind. Because of this, many aches and irritations go untended and often unnoticed. Particularly, because I am still nursing, I like the idea of a drug-free method of improving and maintaining the best health possible. Although my health in general is great, Michelle found a handful (literally and figuratively) of areas that needed attention. Following my session, I enjoyed more restful sleep followed by higher energy levels, which come in handy! I would absolutely try reflexology with Michelle again so that I can continue to enjoy the overall feeling of wellness, to stay in tune with areas of my body that tend to be sluggish and to ensure that I have some dedicated time to relax. Thanks Michelle!" – Christine

“For as long as I can remember I have had lower back pain. Between keeping up with my two young children and working on my feet all day, I sometimes found it hard to even relax my back muscles after a hot shower and stretching out in bed. After one hour with Michelle and her gifted hands, I immediately felt much better. I felt more relaxed than I have in years! My husband even commented after a week that he hadn't heard any complaints about my back. That night, I had the best sleep I'd had since well.... before I had kids! I had never had a reflexology session before and really didn't know what to expect. Upon entering Michelle's reflexology room, I immediately felt at ease. Everything from the lighting, the temperature to the soothing music was very relaxing. What impressed me the most was that Michelle was able to tell me about things happening in my body by feeling my feet that I never mentioned to her. I can't wait for my next session!” – Allissa

“I’ve received reflexology from various people over the years, but Michelle’s treatments are by far the best! Great technical skills paired with her fabulous energy makes for an outstanding experience. Michelle is the ultimate treat for your feet!” – Lara


“I had known about Reflexology for years however had never had a chance to use the therapy. Because I had worked with Michelle within the birthing community, and witnessed her passion for birth, I knew she would be equally passionate about her work as a reflexologist. I had been struggling with respiratory issue for weeks and thought perhaps she could offer some support through reflexology. Michelle was, as always, friendly, gracious, professional and welcoming. She took me to her therapy room, and I immediately felt relaxed. It was warm and comfortable with nice, soothing music. She described the theory of reflexology and even reclined my seat for me. Michelle's touch was firm, yet therapeutic and she explained what point worked which system. I found this fascinating, not only the connectivity of the human body, also Michelle's knowledge of the points in my foot. She had a clear understanding of what areas felt tender and it matched what I was feeling. I really enjoyed my session. She didn't rush and was very in tune to my needs. I am confident that Michelle will be an asset to those needing reflexology and her commitment to the profession was evident. I highly recommend Michelle as she continues to use her hands to heel!” – Shannon

"Reflexology helps me to reduce anxiety and promote deeper sleep. I go for regular "tune-ups" to help reset my body, especially after stressful situations or travel. I feel like reflexology allows my body to recalibrate and promote overall healing." – Judith